A daily surprise in the university library

08. Dec. 2023

Hanukkah is celebrated this year from December 7 to 15 – for exactly eight days. It is a festival of lights and a commemoration of the dedication of the (second) temple in 164 BC. At nightfall, a light is lit, traditional songs are sung in Jewish families and old stories are told. Friedensau University Library will light a candle on the eight-branched candelabra every day during these eight days – and from Monday onwards will delight all children present with their parents or other interested parties with a little surprise: children aged 4 to 12 (and adults too) will experience either a book reading, a small craft program, some samples of typical snacks or an introduction to Israeli round dances in the library from Monday, 11 December to Thursday, 14 December at 4 pm. As there will be no childcare in the usual sense, parents are asked to accompany their children if this is necessary due to their age. On Thursday, December 14, 4 p.m., the last candle will be lit on the Hanukkah candelabra and the last event will take place, which is primarily intended for adults: a movie will be shown to mark the occasion. Children can also take part in the movie screening. Admission to all surprise events is free.

Bild der THH Friedensau
The university library creates a daily surprise for Hanukkah.
Photo: Pixabay