The mission of our university is to make a contribution for the church and society in the fields of education and scholarship.
As an institution of the Seventh-day Adventist church (Free Church), we feel an obligation to our Reformatory tradition
and to innovative thinking. Research and teaching are based on scholarly methods, open outcomes, and responsibility before
God and man.


Service to humanity is our concentration; our emphasis is on theology, social sciences, development cooperation, and
health science. We regard ourselves as an international university committed to interculturality and equal opportunities,
with a history of relations to other countries across the globe.


We are a campus university. This means that our staff and students form a trusting, tolerant, multi-cultural, and cooper -
ative community. We want to offer each member of this community holistic support, based on gender equality as well as
respect for other religions, world views, and cultures. Our wide-open campus structure, embedded in nature, helps to
achieve our goal of creating a family-friendly environment compatible with a life that combines studies, family, and profession.

Research and Teaching

We are committed to presenting our students with foundations of their respective
fields as well as the latest contributions to research. It is the goal of
our teaching to combine research and applied expertise so that students will
be excellently equipped to meet the requirements of their profession. In addition,
we offer continuing education and advanced training in the sense of life-long learning. Professors as well as students
contribute to scholarly discourse through publications.
Our research and teaching are based on Christian ethics with a holistic and inter-disciplinary orientation, forming a unit.

Society and Spirituality

We are convinced that faith, education, and living are inseparable.
In all our dealings, we strive to reflect a faith based on the gospel of Jesus Christ. For this reason, we promote
personal identity formation through encouragement and empowerment for self-reflection. Likewise, it is our
goal to accompany the development of the church and society in a constructive and critical manner. In this all-encompassing
sense, we as a university community strive to fulfill our commission.