CoronaInformationen from april 3, 2020

03. Apr. 2020

  1. Prolongation of contact restriction
  2. Fines
  3. Shabbat shalom
  4. Bible talk and worship on the Sabbath
  5. Cards for residents
  6. Carephone BMV
  7. grocery shopping
Prolongation contact restriction

Yesterday the government of Saxony-Anhalt has issued the "third SARS-CoV-2 containment bylaw", which brings no  significant changes to the previous situation. We will inform you about relevant effects for us on Monday.

The contact restrictions that started on 23rd March are prolonged until 19th April. This means that the measures we are currently implementing will be maintained for the next two weeks.

We would like to point out once again that due to the current situation (Corona) it is forbidden to be outdoors with more than two persons or indoors with persons other than the household community. A distance of 2 meters between each other is to be kept as far as possible. Furthermore, we would like to point out again that no trips may be undertaken unless absolutely necessary. This reduces the risk of infection with the coronavirus for us and others - we would like to avoid a quarantine for Friedensau.


The government of the state of Saxony-Anhalt today issued a list of fines to enforce the contact restrictions. It states, among others, that the following fines are to be paid for the following violations: Entering playgrounds - 100 €, joint activities of more than two persons in public (no family) - 250 €, celebrations/barbecues/ picnics in public - 250 €.

Englisch translation: List of fines

Shabbat Shalom

As we did last Friday for the first time, we invite all students and staff to the common Sabbath beginning at 19:30. We meet at Zoom: Kwaku Arhin-Sam will speak in English with German interpreter channel (this time it works) on the topic "The Worm". Dittmar will be online from 19:15 and can provide technical support.

Click yourself in - the meetinglink was send by email


Our Sabbath looks like this:

10:00 a.m. - Bible discussion in German at Momo @home - this time as guest: Stefan Höschele

10:00 a.m. - Bible discussion in English with Robinson, Chigemezi, Kwaku and Eudritch in zoom - the meetinglink was send by email

11:00 am - Sermon with Wolfgang Stammler and children's story, in German with simultaneous English translation by Stefan Burton-Schnüll. Klick to view:

writing cards

We also want to stay in touch with the seniors in the retirement home. If you want to, you can perhaps start a new pen friendship - or simply write a card with a good word to someone who just can't leave their room or the house. Martina Lucke has the names and cards - you have the texts. From Monday afternoon on we start - give away a good word and make a friend.

Carephone of the SDA-Conference

The local conference of the seventh-day-adventist church has set up a hotline for concerns under the motto "#wirhörenzu". Under the telephone number 030–85790125 you can reach a pastor every day of the week from April 4 from 12 am to midnight, who will gladly listen to your request, talk to you and accompany you in prayer. This offer is valid until further notice.

grocery shopping

Covid-19 makes grocery shopping difficult particularly for our seniors. That is why we have set up a shopping service. However, it can also be challenging for our students. Therefore, we would like to expand the offer for our students:

If you would like us to go grocery shopping for you on Monday (6th Arpil) or on Thursday (9th April), please note the following information:

Please bring a shopping bag that is labelled with your name and address (building and room number) to MEN 308 until 13:45 pm on the respective day. Please put your shopping list (also with your name + phone number) in your shopping bag so that we know what exactly we should buy for you. The purchases will be distributed to you in the evening.

The money that is required for your purchases will be debited from your university account by the university (only if you have enough money on your account – we check this before). Do not miss this opportunity! #stayhome

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