Dr. Johannes Hartlapp reads from the Friedensau Chronicle


4 pm | University Library

Ahornstr. 3
39291 Friedensau

Exciting facts from the fund of Friedensau history(s)

Johannes Hartlapp tells the story of Friedensau

The anniversary year "125 years of Friedensau" was opened with a reading by Dr. Johannes Hartlapp from the Friedensau Chronicle on the subject of "Friedensau in the 1940s and 1950s – To be or not to be".

The audience were given interesting insights into the time in which the fate of the former missionary and industrial school was at stake on several occasions. For example, the school was closed during the Second World War, confiscation was prevented and the buildings were used as a military hospital.

Dr. Erhard Hübener, the Minister President of Saxony-Anhalt, campaigned for the reopening of the school in 1947. On June 11, 1947, the Soviet Military Administration in Berlin-Karlshorst (SMSD) granted permission for the school to operate. This made Friedensau Seminary the first church school in the Soviet-occupied zone (SBZ) to be allowed to resume operations.