Cessation of the University Magazine and new ways of communication

31. Dec. 2018

Friedensau Adventist University (FAU) will cease the production of its University Magazine DIALOG at the end of this year. DIALOG was first published in May 2002: In the beginning every two months, and since spring 2012 four times a year. The 16 A4 pages of the magazine contain information about events, history, and current things happening at FAU and in Friedensau as well as specialist articles by professors of the School of Theology and the School of Social Sciences. The magazine is printed by the Adventist Publishing House in Lüneburg and has subscribers all over Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. After a detailed survey with various target groups from different regions, it became apparent that digital media is of growing importance. Even 90-year-olds sit in front of tablets or computers and use various platforms to keep themselves informed about current worldwide news. Due to the change in reading habits, especially among young people, FAU sees itself in the need of using other more diverse ways of communication in the future.

Where to get information about FAU? At the websites of the University www.thh-friedensau.de and the website of the village www.friedensau.de. On the website of FAU, you can find information on up-coming events and short reports on previous events. You also get information on the study programs at FAU and on the development and importance of Friedensau. On the newly invented blog, various people write in differnt categories about the colorful life at FAU.

Another possibility is to switch on the television. On the TV channel Hope Channel (https://www.satindex.de/channel/17804/), lectures on generally interesting theological questions, church services of the local church in Friedensau, and reports from regions all over the world, where FAU professors travel to for various projects, are broadcasted in the format "Akademie Friedensau" (Friedensau Academy).

Many other institutions in Friedensau such as the campgrounds (www.zeltplatz-friedensau.de) or the café (www.ladencafe.de) or the guesthouse (www.gaestehaus-friedensau.de) are worth a visit and, therefore, provide digital information for its visitors.

On Facebook and Instagram, we are able to reach out to the younger generation with news and information on study programs. Once a year, FAU publishes a yearbook with many photos of the academic year and events in and around Friedensau. In the future, the newsletter "Unser Friedensau" (Our Friedensau), that will be published in printed form twice a year, will provide important information.

Although FAU will cease the production of the University Magazine, we will use various new ways of communication to provide you with information about the University and the village of Friedensau, a place with its special history. You will keep hearing from us!

Bild der THH Friedensau