Exhibition „Mothers of constitution“ in University Library

18. Feb. 2019

On 8th March 2019 Friedensau Adventist University is opening an exhibition about the “Mothers of constitution”. It begins on the International Women’s Day and honours special merits of four women about 70 years ago, who dedicated themselves to the political work in the Parliamentary Council for equality of women and men. On the 1st September 1948 the Parliamentary Council consisting of 65 women and men, meet for the first time in Bonn to discuss the text of the constitution for Germany. From the center-party Helene Wessel, from SPD Elisabeth Selbert and Frieda Nadig and also Helene Weber from CDU voted for the admission of article 3 paragraph 2: “Men and women have equal rights”. What they must have been going through is hard to imagine: rejection, critique and incomprehension. Unflinching and on the base of a long and even international war they finally obtained the wording. On 23rd May 1949 the constitution was signed. This exhibition reminds us of these four daring and powerful women.
On Sunday 24th March 2019 a presentation will take place at 2pm. On Sunday 29th March 2019 the exhibition ends.

Bild der THH Friedensau
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