Friedensau gives children in Tanzania access to education

16. Nov. 2020

A little more than 10 years ago, an Adventist elementary school for children in the Massai region was founded in Karao. For many years, the ThHF, the German and Tanzanian Adventist churches have supported the work on site through personal commitment and donations. ThHF students of different years of study and fields of study travel to Karao every year with their teacher László Szabó to get involved in the work of the school. As soon as they start school here, the children receive not only lessons, but also a daily breakfast, hot lunch and, if necessary, medical care. Sponsors make it possible for the most talented students to attend secondary school. A cooperation agreement was signed between the ThHF and Burger Roland-Gymnasium, which links the commitment of the students, the teachers and the ThHF in Karao. Pupils collect money and have so far been able to contribute to the financing of a multi-purpose building. The project will be continued and is looking for supporters.

Bild der THH Friedensau
They have the primary school certificate in their hands (Photograph: László Szabó).