Game Europe vs. Africa ends 8:4

02. Oct. 2018

On 2nd October 2018 the football pitch was the setting of two teams meeting: students and employees of Friedensau Adventist University. Both teams are connected by the shared identity of being employees or registered students at the Uni. Nevertheless one thing divides them: They are from different countries of Europe and Africa. With English and German the communication is provided on campus. The unifying language, which flows in their blood, is sports. Fairness, speed, skill and team spirit – like any other football game this one was also about goals.

The organizer Ebrahim Reshid Ahmed (student) sees enormous potential in this and oncoming games, which will be cooperated with Central German Universities and happen on different pitches in the future: “Playing football is a simple thing for appreciation, reliability and acceptance.”

As referee: Principal Prof. Roland Fischer, who announced the 8:4 for the European team.

Bild der THH Friedensau