Thanks to its exposed location, Friedensau is the perfect place for meetings. We offer various conference rooms in various sizes: the conference center, the assembly hall and the spacious barn. All conference rooms are equipped with modern technology (projector, sound system, flipchart) to make sure you have perfect working conditions. We also offer various additional service packages with snacks, fruits and/or drinks. We are also willing to meet your individual requirements.

Moreover, you can book our soccer field (with floodlights), our gym or other activities at the high rope course in order to provide enough sports activities besides the meetings.

Icon PlusConference rooms

Conference roomsFirst dayNext daysMax. number of People
BarnFirst day € 200,00Next days € 65,00Max. Number of People 190
Conference center in the cafeteria buildingFirst day € 60,00Next days € 60,00Max. Number of People 50
Assembly hallFirst day € 130,00Next days € 50,00Max. Number of People 180
Dining room (CON)First day € 20,00Next days € 20,0Max. Number of People 30
Teaching kitchen + dining room (CON),
Rental deposit: € 50,00
First day € 40,00Next days € 40,00Max. Number of People 30
Conference rooms (LÜP 204, MEN 206)First day € 15,00Next days € 15,00Max. Number of People 10
Teaching roomsFirst day € 25,00Next days € 25,00Max. Number of People 20
Large teaching rooms (LÜP 111, MEN 112)First day € 60,00Next days € 60,00Max. Number of People 40
ChapelFirst day € 350.00Next days € 125,00Max. Number of People 250

Icon PlusSports facilities

Sports facilitiesPer HourPer Day
Gym€ 50,00  Per Hour€ 10,00  Per Day
Sports field€ 50,00  Per Hour€ 10,00  Per Day

Icon PlusAdditional services for conferences

Additional services for conferencesPrice per person
Package 1: cold drinks (0,7l)€ 1,90 per person
Package 2: cold and warm drinks€ 2,90 per person
Package 3: cold/warm drinks, fruits (250g)€ 4,80 per person
Package 4: cold/warm drinks, biscuits (100g)€ 4,80 per person
Package 5: cold/warm drinks, fruits, biscuits€ 5,90 per person
Package 6: cold drinks, fruits or biscuits€ 3,80 per person
Package 7: cold or warm drinks, fruits, biscuits€ 4,80 per person
Coffee and cake: 2 pieces of cake, 2 cups of coffee/tea€ 5,50 per person
Staff per commenced hour€ 25,00 per person
Machine per machine hour€ 10,00 per person
Bild der THH Friedensau
Bild der THH Friedensau
Bild der THH Friedensau
Bild der THH Friedensau