Institute for Music Therapy

Since 1998, FAU has been teaching music therapy in different forms and course combinations. The keen interest and the successful implementation of the unique education program in Germany, finally led to the establishment of the Institute for Music Therapy in November 1999.

This Institute of FAU is equally committed to research, science, teaching, education, organization, and practice. These fields are mutually dependent since music therapy is a practice-oriented scientific discipline that can assume therapeutic tasks in a wide variety of fields. The practical relevance of music therapy requires scientific validation, which can only be concentrated and built up by bringing together specialist representatives and implementing appropriate institutional conditions.

The research contract was awarded in the course of the academic program of FAU. It is facing the challenges of the society in ethical-scientific and Christian responsibility.

The focus of the music therapy research work is on:
– the examination of etiology and pathogenesis relevant conditions and prerequisites for music therapy
– the examination of socially relevant conditions and prerequisites for music therapy
– the further development of practice-oriented techniques, methods, and concepts for music therapy
– the development of investigation and control methods for music therapy
– the further development of music therapy methodology, especially through conceptual comparison and analysis

Besides the specific music therapy relevant core of the research contract, the Institute for Music Therapy sees itself, due to the interdisciplinary character of its subject "music therapy", also as a center of concentration and as a cooperation partner to other scientific disciplines and its specialist representatives. This refers especially to social sciences, medicine, the specialized discipline musicology, psychology, and pedagogy. Thus, the research work of the Institute for Music Therapy solely and directly pursues scientific and non-profit purposes.

The Institute for Music Therapy also dedicates itself to bringing together scientific staff from other relevant institutions and supervising trained professionals in their practice, who can constantly seek advice and assistance in the implementation of their therapy contract.  Thus, the Institute for Music Therapy is responsible for the organization and realization of teaching and education at FAU.

The registration for the extra-occupational M.A. Music Therapy takes places each year for the winter semester.

Institute Director

Prof. Dr. sc. mus. Petra Jürgens | Theologische Hochschule Friedensau

Prof. Dr. sc. mus. Petra Jürgens

Program Director M.A. Music Therapy
Director of Institute for Music Therapy

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