University sponsors confirm Chancellor Tobias Koch for another five years

23. Sep. 2019

During the autumn session of the Board of Trustees of Friedensau Adventist University (FAU) at the beginning of September 2019, Tobias H. Koch, Ass. Jur., was entrusted with the management of the University for another five years. The Board of Trustees unanimously re-elected Tobias Koch and thanked him for his work over the past five years. In his statement on the re-election, the new and old chancellor expressly included all staff, from the administration to the cafeteria, the guesthouse, the maintenance, the lecturers, and the volunteers, when he said: "Many thanks to all of you. I know that we are all highly committed to Friedensau, and it is truly remarkable what each and every one of us and we have achieved together. I am convinced that this has only been possible as a team and with God's blessing."

In the coming years, the focus will be on further strengthening Friedensau as an attractive location for study and education and on integrating staff and students from many countries into the university community. In addition, the infrastructure of Friedensau as a place of education and residence is to be further developed and the projects for the implementation of an extracurricular learning location and for the modernization of energy generation and distribution with simultaneous CO2 savings are to be implemented.

Tobias H. Koch (43) is a legal expert and, since 2014, chancellor of the University, managing director of Friedensau Institutions and Friedensau Campgrounds. Before succeeding Roland Nickel as chancellor, he was full-time lecturer for Law in Social Work at the School of Social Sciences of FAU since 2011 and in various institutions of the SDA Church. Tobias Koch is married and lives in Friedensau together with his wife and two daughters.

Bild der THH Friedensau
Chancellor Tobias H. Koch