10 Years Anniversary Kindergarten Friedensau

20. Nov. 2018

On 20th November 2018 kindergarten Friedensau with sponsorship of the city Möckern invited to a little party to the barn. The Kita “Children from all over the world” was a coorperation between “Institutions of Seventh-Day Adventists Friedensau” and the city Möckern and established on 8th October 2008. They accept children from students, teachers, employees and neighbourhood churches. The concept which applies to the education “Ed elementar” is a program by Saxony-Anhalt and in addition the children get a Christian integral education. Heidrun Mohr, head of the kindergarten, accepted congratulations by commune und Friedensau Adventist University. The children created a program and sung songs about their daily live.

Bild der THH Friedensau