Speech of Prof. Franz Segbers concerning “The economy of sabbath”

19. Nov. 2018

On Wednesday the 14th November 2018, Professor Franz Segbers (Marburg) gave a speech in the auditorium of Friedensau about the topic: “The economy of sabbath”. The event was part of the event series “One University – One Book”.

Everything is about economic pressures. Economic growth is the old and the new magic word. The merciless mobilisation of human work and the resources of the earth released a destructive dynamic. In the light of the trespassing capital on our whole life, the sabbath economy gets a critical potential, which gives hope for a future of a god life. The Sabbath-Economy in pre-capitalistic times in not only a historical vanquished economy but is holds instructions and insights for an economy with other ethical guiding principles in mind.

Bild der THH Friedensau