»Birds of the Bible« to look at Library

30. Jul. 2021

The library of the Friedensau Adventist University, in cooperation with the Kultur- und Heimatverein Friedensau (Friedensau Culture and Heritage Society), is showing an exhibition of philatelic exhibits on the theme of »Birds of the Bible« from July 28 to August 25, 2021. The objects were created by Dr. Klaus Thormann, a veterinarian, bird lover and stamp collector from Wittenberg. The bird motifs are selected according to Bible texts that can be assigned to a specific bird. This resulted in a philatelic series with 32 bird motifs, meticulously arranged according to zoological aspects.

Dr. Klaus Thormann, born in 1939 in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, worked as a veterinarian in Wittenberg until the end of his professional career in 2003. In the newfound free time of retirement, he devoted himself to his two hobbies: philately and ornithology. Both are now combined in the exhibition »Birds of the Bible«, which on the one hand is committed to motif philately with a focus on ornithology, and on the other hand is oriented to Friedensau's educational and missionary mandate to impart knowledge about the Bible. Dr. Thormann has already organized numerous exhibitions with bird exhibits on various topics nationally and internationally (France, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg) and has received several awards for this.

What is the connection between Dr. Thormann and Friedensau? First of all none. During a visit to Friedensau, Dr. Thormann discovered the local Bible garden, which he was extremely enthusiastic about. This quickly gave rise to the idea of conceiving something similar with an ornithological theme. Heike Fischer from the board of the Kultur- und Heimatverein Friedensau took up the contact – and the result of this cooperation is the exhibition »Birds of the Bible« in the university library!

Admission is free. The exhibition can be viewed during the regular opening hours of the library at Ahornstraße 3, 39291 Möckern-Friedensau: thh- friedensau.de/library

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