Faith and spirituality on campus

Living and studying in Friedensau has a spiritual dimension, which makes it possible to reflect on the fundamental values of life in addition to the demands of studying, and is the doorway to an encounter with God.

"Faith in God is like the eternal beginning of a love: silence." (Jean Giraudoux). Moments of inner contemplation, of letting go and being silent, of listening and reflecting give orientation beyond the present instant. Friedensau Adventist University (FAU) wants to promote the experience of faith with church services, devotions, and spiritual guidance, and invites students to get involved and make their faith count.

Under the motto "Living faith together," the "Spiritual Master Plan" (SMP) of FAU gives insight into the foundations of its spiritual offers, which are based on the core idea: "Finding God, being human, preparing for service—living and studying at an Adventist university."

Spiritual Masterplan of Friedensau Adventist University

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