CampusNet course planning

23. Mar. 2020

We make every effort to maintain the teaching activities. We try to present information about the timetable in CampusNet within the scope of technical possibilities. There are three general options:

  1. If classes can only be held as face-to-face events, they will be cancelled for the period until 19.04.2020 and will be made up for at a later date. In Campusnet, these dates are deleted and therefore no longer displayed.
  2. If lessons should take place as live transmission (e.g. ZOOM), the unit remains scheduled as in the timetable and will be transmitted live at this time. Therefore, attendance is also required at the specified time.
  3. If lessons are to take place as e-learning (e.g. Moodle), the lesson remains in the timetable, but can be taken independently of time. However, we would like to point out that the learning material must still be worked on promptly, as participation in a "discussion" (e.g. feedback on topics and questions) can only take place promptly.

For the period until 19.04.2020, the classrooms are currently removed from the scheduled teaching units in Campusnet. We are currently entering any additional information in the "Room" information field.

All information on the practical implementation of a digital teaching form for the individual course is provided directly to the students by the lecturer. This means for ...

a lesson by Moodle:

the lecturer sets up an online course, makes all content, tasks and requirements available via the online course. Each participant can participate in the corresponding courses via his or her Moodle access. Please note that participation must be regular and timely.

a lesson via zoom:

the lecturer sets up a zoom transmission and provides all course participants with the appropriate access data. You can then take part in the lessons from your own room via live transmission.

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