Check-in Check-out

The country's Corona Containment Ordinance provides for contact tracing for pandemic control and tracking of infection chains. In order to carry out all recording processes well and in compliance with data protection, the ThHF introduced digital recording on 1.06.2021.

University members use the university App from UniNow for events on campus (teaching, university sports, etc.) and when using common areas (cafeteria, library or sports field). This App can also be used as a "guest" at university events that are open to visitors. Students register with their last name, first name and matriculation number, employees with their last name and first name. Guests must also enter their address and telephone number.

Check-in and check-out can also be done via the browser at In case nothing works – paper always works.

Check-in and check-out is conveniently done via QR Code, which can be scanned in the app under "Campus Check in", or simply via the photo function of the cell phone. QR Codes are clearly visible in all teaching and event rooms and areas.

The data is stored exclusively on German servers within the scope of permissible and verenbarten use at UniNow for four weeks. An evaluation of the data is only possible anonymously. Only in the case of infection, the contact tracing is decrypted and transmitted for the health department.

Contact person for contact tracking

Tobias Koch

Telephone: +49 (0) 3921 916-100

Contact Data Protection

Dr. Heiko Haaz

External data protection officer, UIMC
Otto-Hausmann-Ring 113
42115 Wuppertal
Telefon: +49-202–946 7726 200

As guest on campus

If you are on campus as a guest, we ask you to record your visit via the App UniNow. This applies to private or third-party events on our grounds or on areas that are shared with others without an event (such as culture barn, playgrounds, tennis court, village green). We have already prepared a notice in these areas with the QR Code for scanning with your cell phone.

The Health Department of the district works can realize a secure Contact Tracking.