Corona KfW Student Loan

05. Jun. 2020

KfW Student Loan

The KfW Student Loan is a low-interest loan (until 31 March 2021 0.00% if your loan is in the disburse­ment phase), which is used to cover your living expenses. The interest rate is fixed until 31 March 2021, after which it is adjusted every six months on 01 April and 01 October of each year.

You can receive monthly disburse­ments of up to EUR 650 (disburse­ment phase). Once the disburse­ments stop, the loan enters a grace period in which you only pay interest (interest-only phase).

Once this phase ends, repayment of the KfW Student Loan (repayment phase) begins.

The account is managed online.

We finance your living expenses while you are studying

We support you, regard­less of your and your parents’ income, if you are 18 – 44 years old and have a registered address in Germany.

Depending on your require­ments, we will disburse between EUR 100 and 650 to you per month:

  • for up to 14 semesters in the case of a first or second degree
  • The maximum total amount is there­fore EUR 54,600: EUR 650 x 14 semesters x 6 months per semester.
  • The duration of support depends on your age when you start studying
    - 24 years: 14 semesters of support
    - 34 years: 10 semesters of support
    - 44 years: 6 semesters of support
    - older than 44 years: support no longer possible
  • for up to 6 semesters in the case of post­graduate studies or a doctorate.
    The maximum total amount is therefore EUR 23,400: EUR 650 x 6 semesters x 6 months per semester.

Lump-sum disburse­ment of the total amount or one-off payments are not possible.

Before you apply for the KfW Student Loan, you should clarify your personal loan require­ments and determine whether the Student Loan is suitable for you. You then apply for the loan and submit your documents to a distribution partner (banks and student services).

We need about 2 weeks for the review. If everything is ok, you will receive a reply by post.

You will always have your money in your account during the day on the 1st working day of the month.

We deduct the interest on your current loan amount (0.00% until 31 March 2021) from the monthly payment. To receive disbursements, you must prove at the beginning of each semester (no later than 15 April and 15 October) that you are still registered at a German university.

You must provide proof of your academic record no later than at the end of the 6th semester. Further information and the form can be found at the German Website.

We can only continue to support your studies and disburse further funds if proof of your academic record is provided. If you don’t provide this proof, we will stop the disbursements.

After you have received your last disburse­ment, the interest-only period begins. This lasts 18 – 23 months and can be shortened to 6 months on request. During this grace period, you only pay interest, you don’t repay the loan. This will be debited from your account on the first of each month. In this phase you can also apply for your interest to be capitalised. This means that the interest is initially not paid and is added to the loan amount at the end of the phase.

Repayment always starts on 01 April or 01 October.

Five months before the start of repayment, we will provide you with the repayment schedule in your online loan portal.