Exhibition »Friedensau in watercolors« opened

01. Jul. 2021

An exhibition of watercolors opened at the Friedensau University Library on July 1, 2021. Karl Leukert, a teacher from Lübeck, regularly spent his vacations in Friedensau during the summer months from the 1950s to the 1970s, and during that time he captured the place and its surroundings in watercolors. The result is an extensive collection of drawings that lead to interesting and unexpected views of the village and the landscape on the Ihle River. A selection of these pictures will be shown in Friedensau: thh-friedensau.de/library; admission is free.

Karl Leukert's son, Karl-Hermann Leukert, found a collection of watercolors in his father's estate, which he occasionally pulled out in his adult life when he was overcome by a longing for Friedensau. "That helped for a while." A few months ago, Karl-Hermann Leukert, who is a grandson of the former Friedensau teacher Hermann Kobs, decided to publish the collection of pictures as a book. Now it is available and shows the "Ihlewiese before Lüttgenziatz", the "Glöckchenheide next to the Ihle", in "Burg the Ihlekanal", the "Ihlemündung", "Hohenziatz", the "Hainichensteine behind Hohenziatz", "Räckendorf", pictures of "Magdeburg", the "Fahrweg zur Spulbrücke", the "Fiener Bruch" and many pictures with views on, in and around Friedensau: "View over the Hohenzollernwiese", the "Cemetery", "Small railroad, stop Pabsdorf", "Officials house and 'Holzhaus'", "Grabow", "Castle", "Grünthal" - and others more. There are 110 full-page watercolors in this volume, with supplementary text leading up to the 1970s.

To accompany the exhibition, Dr. Johannes Hartlapp will give an introductory lecture at the library on Sunday, July 4, 2021, 5:00 p.m. Author Karl-Hermann Leukert will be present and will sign books on request, which can be purchased on site.

Friedensau: Karl Leukert, Aquarelle 1958–1971 | Aus 12 Schulheften (2020). ISBN 978-3-00066392-5 | www.friedensau-landschaften.de | 39,90 EUR

The exhibition ends on September 30, 2021.

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Bild der THH Friedensau