Friedensau accepts Displaced Persons from Ukraine 

07. Mar. 2022

Friedensau Adventist University (FAU) is currently preparing to house a larger group of Displaced Persons in Möckern and on campus in the upcoming days. Friedensau is in contact with students, staff and alumni of the Adventist University in Bucha (a suburb of Kiev) who have managed to escape to western Ukraine and are now seeking refuge. About 40 people can be housed in Friedensau, the others in the surrounding area. Three teachers with their children have arrived in Friedensau in the meantime.

Friedensau's offer is only part of a larger whole. With immediate effect, the town of Möckern – to which Friedensau belongs – is accepting an as yet unspecified number of refugees from the war zone. The municipality - as well as the company Anhaltinische Geflügelspezialitäten GmbH and Friedensau Adventist University – is now furnishing and preparing currently vacant apartments for the families to move into. With contributions from donations, a bus is beingprovided to take the Displaced Persons from the border to their destination. Interpreters have been hired to help with communication.

Vacant apartments – not collective shelters – are currently being equipped with furniture and the most necessary household goods. Donations from Friedensau residents, the AWW-Clothing Closet and furniture from the University make up the initial furnishings for the apartments. A donation account has been set up with the Friedensau University Foundation.

The city of Möckern is the regional contact for possible donations and inquiries from the residents in the city area and the 26 villages. In the short term, an information page "Biete – Suche" is to be set up. Contact possibility: "> | Telephone number 03921 95-112.

Together with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Advent Welfare Organization (AWW) and the Adventist Development and Emergency Aid organization ADRA Germany, the working group "Together for Refugees", which was founded in 2015, was reactivated a few days ago. Tobias Koch, Chancellor of the FAU and member of the working group, summarizes: "We want to contribute our competencies and provide effective help for people fleeing the war in the Ukraine."

In this working group, the relief organization ADRA Deutschland e.V. has offered to coordinate the various offers throughout Germany. For this purpose, there is a contact form on the ADRA website that can be used: Detailed information to the ADRA employment

in the Ukraine are callable over

Friedensau is a village founded in 1899. On the site of a former water mill, an "industrial and missionary school", a sanatorium and a home for the elderly were built in just a few years. From 1922 to 2001 Friedensau was an independent political municipality. Today it is part of the administrative community of Möckern with its approximately 450 inhabitants. Friedensau is home to the Friedensau Adventist University, where state-approved bachelor's and master's degree programs in International Social Sciences and Theology can be completed – both offering part-timedegrees as well. More information about: and

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