Lecturer Igor Lorencin publishes article on Resurrection

17. Apr. 2023

"Ever since Jesus Christ ministered in Palestine two thousand years ago, there have been religious people who call themselves Christians. According to the accounts of the Gospels, Jesus himself started the circle of twelve, instructed his disciples and prepared them for their ministry, but also healed the sick and preached in front of large crowds. According to the accounts of the Gospels, it was precisely the simple and needy people who liked to be near him and of whom there were countless in Palestine. Word of his ministry and preaching spread quickly and many wanted to see him (Mk 1:28)." Read more: https://advent-verlag.de/media/pdf/0c/37/f7/AH_2023_04.pdf

Source: Adventists Today 121 (2023) 4, 8-10.

Bild der THH Friedensau
Lecturer Igor Lorencin, Ph.D.
Photo: FAU