EUD/TED Family Ministries Leadership Training

14. Apr. 2023

This year, from April, 11–16, the joint EUD/TED Family Ministries Leadership Training (FMLT) will take place on the Friedensau campus. In a 3-year cycle of six days each, family ministry leaders, pastors and interested lay people are trained on topics about family and relationships. They are provided with information and materials to enable them to conduct family seminars independently and to respond more effectively to the needs of families in their areas.

This week (Year 1) is about: Family and Ethics, Christian Education, Sexuality and Intergenerational Worship. In the second year of training (2024) the topics will be: Family and Society; Family and Evangelism; Human Development; Making the Sabbath Special – will be considered. Then in the third year (2025) the topics: Interpersonal Communication; Strengthening Marriages; Biblical Foundations for Work with/for Families; Sabbath and Family Spirituality – will be in focus.

This year, among other things, a whole weekend (April, 14–16, 2023) will be dedicated to the theme: "Let's talk about sex". In addition to the European speakers, Torben Bergland from the General Conference, the highest governing body of the Free Church, will join us. On Saturday morning, the leader of the Trans-European Division, Daniel Duda, will speak in his sermon on "God, Sex, the Bible and us". In addition to short presentations, the topic will also be explored in depth in various workshops (Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon).

EUD/TED Family Ministries Leadership Training | Friedensau Adventist University
Organiser and leader of the EUD/TED meeting on the campus in Friedensau: Rainer Wanitschek (Family and Children Ministries Director; Adventist Possibility Ministries, EUD)
Photo: FAU | Andrea Cramer
EUD/TED Family Ministries Leadership Training |
The participants of the EUD/TED conference on the Friedensau campus.
Photo: FAU | Andrea Cramer