Prof. Pöhler gave a lecture

20. Jun. 2021

Prof. Rolf Pöhler gave a lecture on the advantages and disadvantages of the organizational and leadership structure of Church Seventh-day Adventist on May 31, 2021, as part of a university seminar on the topic of "Free Church - Voluntary Church - National Church" at the Goethe University in Frankfurt a. M. under the direction of Dr. Lothar Triebel, head of the Free Churches Department at the Confessional Institute of the Protestant Federation in Bensheim. He referred to the worldwide unity, representative structure, and regional/cultural diversity of the church, as well as the independence of the local congregation in the organization of worship services. He cited centralistic, hierarchical and uniform thinking as problem areas. Pöhler concluded his remarks by saying, "A church order is only as good as its leaders are." Afterwards, students were able to ask questions of the speaker.

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Bild der THH Friedensau
Prof. Rolf Pöhler