Roofing ceremony on the campgrounds of Friedensau

26. Nov. 2018

The construction progress on the campgrounds of Friedensau is obvious. After putting the roof construction on the building in the week from November 19 to 23, 2018, and celebrating the roofing, the tarpaulin was mounted on November 26. The architect Edmundo Martinez Moreno of the architecture company Mayer-Winderlich | Martinez Moreno, Potsdam confirmed that the realization was up to the schedule thanks to the mild winter weather:

"Every construction project is unique and special, as is the case with the new construction of the arena in Friedensau. It is great to see different companies cooperate and work hand in hand despite language barriers. The tarpaulin company, for example, comes from France. Despite minor unforeseen events, we expect the arena to be completed on time."

After the saisonal installation of the large tent for large events was no longer approved, the project "New Arena Friedensau" was created. In autumn 2017, the dismantling of the old fixed installations, such as rows of seats, began. Since then, the foundation of the basic body was casted on the first floor, the side panels were erected, and the roof construction was built. The completion of the arena is scheduled for May 2019. The participants of the pathfinder camp on Ascension Day 2019 will be allowed to inaugurate the construction.