Roofing Ceremony on Friedensauer Camping site

26. Nov. 2018

The construction progress on Friedensauer Camping site is conspicuous. In the week from 19th to 23rd November 2018 the roof construction was put on the building and on 26th November the tarpaulin was nurtured. As architect Edmundo Martinez Moreno (architect society Mayer-Winderlich | Martinez Moreno, Potsdam) confirmed, the realisation is thanks to the mild winter weather up to the schedule:

“Every construction project is unique and special, as is this project of a new arena in Friedensau. Is it beautiful to see different companies cooperate, even with a language barrier (the tarpaulin company is set in France). We bank on a punctual completion.“

After the saisonal installation of the arena was declined, the project “New Arena Friedensau” was erected. In Fall 2017 the fixed installations such as tiers were dismantled. Since then the basic body on the first floor with corresponding fundament, side panels and the roof construction were built.