Three donation cheques

18. Dec. 2018

On 18th December 2018 the Friedensauer Pottery Club could hand over three donation cheques: two of them, each of them endowed with 1.500 euros were given to the children´s hospice in Magdeburg and the other one to the hospice in Luisenhaus. Both supported by the Pfeifferschen Stiftungen. The third cheque dowed with 1.096 euros was given to the camping grounds Friedensau. Hanna Klingenberg of Pfeifferschen Stiftungen received both cheques for the hospices in Magdeburg. The one for the camping grounds was handed over to Tobias Koch, managing director of the camping grounds Friedensau gGmbH, who said, that the money would benefit two refrigerators for kids and teens going to camps in Friedensau. With the money for the hospices, both institutions are supported in their work to master all the different tasks there.

The donation originated from the proceeds of the pottery bazar on Sunday 25th November 2018. Pottery made by creative women such as cups, mugs, jugs, ceramic figures for the garden, bird baths, light houses, pyramids, Christmas decorations and snowman found new owners before the 1st advent. The traditional pottery bazar, happening the Sunday before the 1st advent, was established 19 years ago by Friedensauer women-pottery-club to support local charity actions. Therefor you can mark your calendar on 24th November 2019 to visit the 20th pottery bazar in Friedensau!

In the first row on the left: managing director of the camping grounds Friedensau gGmbH Tobias Koch, besides Christa Gerhardt, Hanna Klingenberg (in the middle, Pfeiffersche Stiftungen), Sieglinde Schröter (on the right; Head of women-pottery-club).

Bild der THH Friedensau
Donation cheques