Week of Spiritual Emphasis from April 8, 2024

08. Apr. 2024

From April 8 to 13, 2024, Friedensau Adventist University hosted the Spring Week of Spiritual Emphasis 2024. The theme was: "In harmony with the work of Jesus: Living under the Word". Speaker Dante Herrmann, pastor in the Frankfurt/Offenbach area, focused on the Gospels and the relationship with Jesus. He made references to the present day and invited people to reflect together. The individual evenings were organized by the 1Year4Jesus group and students from the university.

From Monday, April 8, to Friday, April 12, 2024, the theme evenings were held at 7.30 p.m. in the Barn Friedensau. The topics were as follows:

April 8 | "Unshakable trust: Persevering prayer in a broken world (Luke 18:1–8)

April 9 | "More than meets the eye – Looking deeper, thinking wider (Matthew 7:1–2)

April 10 | "Open hearts, watchful eyes – God near in every moment (Mark 13:33)

April 11 | "Be enough, have enough – Open your heart to the unexpected fullness of life (Luke 12:15)

April 12 | "Building bridges instead of walls – Unity begins with a word of reconciliation (Mark 3:25)

The "Encounter under the Word" on Wednesday morning, 10 to 10 in the chapel, was followed by a midweek devotional entitled "Luminosity of faith: about light bulbs and the radiance of our soul".

On Saturday, April 13, 2024, the Week of Spiritual Emphasis came to an end with the 10.00 a.m. service in Friedensau Chapel. The theme of the sermon was: "Lost in the forest of life? Love is the compass that leads us home (Matthew 18:12). The invitation to the Week of Spiritual Emphasis was extended not only to students, but also to the participants of the WorkCamp staying in Friedensau during this week – volunteers on the campsite – as well as residents and guests from near and far (Text: Andrea Cramer).

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Jesus – HIS Name
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