Welcome to the participants of the EUD Bible Conference

13. Jun. 2023

From June, 12 to 15, 2023 the Bible Conference of the Inter-European Division (EUD) will take place in Friedensau. It will be held under the theme: "In Expectation of His Coming". 250 participants have arrived. The events will take place in the arena, workshops in the barn and in the assembly hall.

Three lecturers from the FAU are involved with keynote speeches. Daniel Olariu, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, will speak on the topics "The sanctuary in the Old Testament" as well as "The Relevance of the Sanctuary in Postmodernism". Stefan Höschele, Professor of Systematic Theology and Adventist Studies, delves into „Eschatology and Ethics: On the Moral Implications of the Sanctuary Teaching“. Dr. László Szabó, Associate Professor of Mission Studies and Intercultural Studies, will speak on "Cracking the Code of Secularism: How to Present Our Message from the Perspective and Needs of a Secular Audience" and "Building a healthy small group ministry". Theology students from Friedensau Adventist University are invited to participate in all conference events.

The programme is essentially the same as the EUD Bible Conference held in Collonges (France) in June, 7 to 10, 2023.

Willkommen den Teilnehmern der EUD-Bibelkonferenz
A view into the auditorium of the Bible Conference
Photo: FAU | Michael Bistrovic
| THH Friedensau
Among the participants are many alumni of our university
Photo: FAU | Michael Bistrovic