Basic course of “Small Group Leader Training” completed

16. May. 2022

The basic course of the "Small Group Leader Training", a further training opportunity of the Arthur Daniells Institute for Mission Studies (ADIMIS), which started on 24 March 2022 with German participants, has now been successfully completed. Part 1 of the three-stage team-based training (basic, advanced and missionary course) consisted of seven sessions. The participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland were mainly church members who are involved in Adventist churches as well as in the society. The training sessions were organised by Szilvia Szabó and conducted by Dr László Szabó, Bernhard Bleil, Andreas Pfeifer and Alexander Kampmann.
The participants' feedback shows the relevance of the course: "I find the division between the theoretical input and the opportunity for reflection and exchange very good and balanced. The uplifting, encouraging nature of the presentations motivates ... The preparation for group leadership takes away any fears and gives joy in trying things out" (Frauke Gyuroka from Austria).

"I took part in the course with great pleasure, with interest increasing from one week to the next. Not only did I learn new things, but I was also able to re-evaluate and reclassify my previous knowledge" (Lilli Unrau, Germany).

The group is now going on internship for a month. During this time, they will invite guests several times and try out how they can put the knowledge they have acquired into practice. Part 2, the "advanced course", is planned in Germany for autumn 2022. In addition, the ADIMIS team is working on a trainer training concept, according to which multipliers are to be trained who can pass on the knowledge and know-how of the "small group leader training" in their national language. Registration and further information:

Another course with 41 participants, also mainly church members and pastors of the Free Church, completed the 3-stage course in Hungary. The certificates were handed out in a ceremony attended by General Conference representative Mark Finley and representatives of the two Hungarian Unification Boards (TET and DET) on 9 May 2022. Szilvia Szabó and Dr László Szabó attended the event online as representatives of ADIMIS.

Bild der THH Friedensau
A photo of the Hungarian group
Photograph: ThHF | Szilvia Szabó