Lecture by Dr. Lothar Triebel on “Konfessionskunde”

10. May. 2022

On 9 May 2022, Dr Lothar Triebel gave a lecture to the university and the public on the topic: "Imagine you are an Adventist and want to do a doctorate of theology in Germany: What denominational studies [Konfessionskunde] is good for - and why being a theologian would also qualify you for working in the secret service".

Using the example of a Mennonite applicant for a doctorate at a Protestant theological faculty in Germany, Dr. Triebel, speaker for free churches from the Institute of Ecumenical Studies [Konfessionskundliches Institut] in Bensheim, explained how the complex network of relationships between churches illuminates the definition of an "Evangelical" church - and what this means for Christians from a free church background who choose such a path of study, or who would like to work, for instance, as teachers of religion in public schools. Questions and a lively discussion on this special situation in Germany made clear what an important task denominational studies [Konfessionskunde] has as discipline mediating between church leaders, legal aspects, the theological discussion and the real life situation of Christians today. And what about the secret service?! In order to do denominational studies well, one needs many sources, including many "informants" from a network that always helps when the books don't say enough – just like for secret service ...

Bild der THH Friedensau
Dr. Triebel, speaker for Free Churches from the Confessional Studies Institute in Bensheim