CoronaInformation from 20.03.2020

22. Mar. 2020

# ShabbatShalom

Contrary to the email of 15:25, there is no Shabbat Shalom today.

Instead, Dittmar gives us the following thoughts for the beginning of the Sabbath: "We will do what is necessary."

There is a fine line between fear and responsibility. What can give us orientation in times of crisis?

2 Timothy 1:7: "For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and love and prudence.

The Bible does not tell us to be careless. Rather, it tells us not to be afraid and to act calmly in every situation. This also includes showing consideration for our counterpart. As Christians we should be careful not to let the love in us cool down, especially in difficult times.

# Sabbath - we offer one (1) online offer and one (2) offline offer: 10:30 a.m. the interactive part begins: click into it and comment with: | From 11:30 a.m. short sermon with Stefan Burton-Schnüll:

# Courses starting next week:

By Sunday evening the dates of the courses for the coming week should be published on CampusNet. Please check your messages and the possible rescheduling in CampusNet.

# SocialService: In a time like this - which we all haven't experienced yet - we want to stand together and especially protect our older brothers and sisters and the inhabitants of Friedensau, also those who are still mobile and currently go shopping by themselves.

A canteen food delivery service and a shopping service (two days a week) are planned. We are looking for you for one of these services!

Would you be willing to help with the distribution of food on site? We are looking for 5 people who will distribute meals once a week (optionally Friday to Tuesday) for one hour every day from 11.30 to 12.30 hrs: from the canteen to the apartments of the older siblings. The small university bus is available; driving licence is required.

Would you be willing to help with the shopping service? For this we need a total of 12 people (6 people per shopping day). The idea behind it:

One person collects the order slips and shopping bags at one of the central collection points, 2 people go shopping, one person copies slips after shopping, 2 people distribute the shopping = 6 people per shopping day.

Older siblings live in 80 apartments (outside the retirement home). Not everyone wants to go shopping. But they all might want to use the service. We also do not know yet how many will register. Therefore we are urgently looking for help and support from you! Where could you participate?

  1. preliminary work: (collecting shopping lists and shopping bags): Sundays 15.00 h, estimated one hour or Wednesdays 15.00 h
  2. shopping: estimated about four hours for a total of two people
  3. rework (copy receipts and put them back in the shopping bags): estimated one hour: one person
  4. distribution: estimated one hour, two people bring the purchases to the orderers

The assistance service starts on 29.3. (note collection day), 30.3. shopping day | 1.4. (note collection day), 2.4. shopping day.

Be part of it! Registration with Szilvia Szabó: via e-mail: "> | mobile 0175 574 26 75.

Many thanks for your support!

Stay healthy and protected!

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