German as a foreign language course has started

23. Sep. 2022

Our course "German as a Foreign Language" started on September, 20, 2022. The language course is aimed at beginners and advanced learners. Participants from Ethiopia, Brazil, Ghana, Japan, Croatia, Mexico, Spain, Tanzania, the USA had registered for this course. After a placement test, classes began in two groups with the language learning target A1 (for beginners with no previous knowledge) and B1+ (intermediate level for advanced learners). The language level is to be reached after approx. 200 teaching units by 16 December 2022. Language and culture are inextricably linked. For this reason, an important aspect of the language course is also to bring students into contact with the culture and history of Germany and Europe. This takes place in the form of diverse excursions to places of interest in the immediate vicinity as well as to German cities and regions.

Bild der THH Friedensau
Photograph: FAU | Michael Bistrovic