Foto Dr. phil. Jill Philine Blau

Dr. phil. Jill Philine Blau

Postdoctoral Researcher | School of Social Sciences

Dr. phil. Jill Philine Blau
Postdoctoral Researcher | School of Social Sciences

An der Ihle 5 A
39291 Möckern-Friedensau

Raum: LÜP 302a
Telefon: +49 (0) 3921 916-153
Fax: +49 (0) 3921 916-153

Current position

Since 2016

Lecturer/Researcher at Friedensau Adventist University (FAU) in the M.A. International Social Sciences (Development Studies)

  • Courses taught mainly on: Resource Politics and Extractive Industries, Aid and Development, Anthropocene and Climate Change, Land Use and Land Politics, Rhetoric and Presentation Skills, Gender and Development
  • Research on Gender and Commons; Co-Conceptualization, Grant-Writing and Implementation of Cape Coast Summer School for PhD Scholars with University of Cape Coast ; Redesigning of the curriculum of the M.A. International Social Sciences (Development Studies); Conceptualization of a new professional Master in Development Studies at FAU (to be launched in 2019); Study on Intercultural Relations at FAU; Conceptualization and implementation of cooperation projects with Kino Burg/ Polilux e.V. Gemeinschaftsschule Möckern; lecture series on social impact of climate change and various other academic and administrative obligations

Icon PlusAcademic Education and Personal Grants

1999Tamatea High School, New Zealand, Student Exchange High School with full scholarship from G.A.S.S. e.V.
2000 – 2002International Baccalaureate, Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific, United World College, Canada with full scholarship from the German Foundation United World College
2003 – 2006Bachelor of Arts, First Class, Development Studies and International Relations, University of Sussex, UK with UCAS scholarship
2007 – 2010Master of Public Policy, Hertie School of Governance with full scholarship from the Hertie Foundation
2011 – 2015Award of Scholarship for PhD from Heinrich Böll Foundation
2011 – 2012Participation in the Graduate School “Resource Politics and Gender Justice” at the Humboldt University Berlin & Leuphana University of Lüneburg
2011 – 2013Participation in the Research Network SUNARPA “Inter – African – German Research Group Working on the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources & Peace in Pastoralist Areas in Africa”
2012Lecturer ofResource Use and Gender Justice” at the Zentrum für Transdisziplinäre Geschlechterstudien (ZTG) of the Humboldt University Berlin
2014 – 2018Conceptualization and Realization of the Cape Coast Summer School on Land Use and Land Politics, financed by the VW Foundation in cooperation with FAU and University of Cape Coast, Ghana
2015Freelance Lecturer at FAU (Seminar on Land and Development)
2015 - 2016Scholarship for Finalisation of PhD from Free University Berlin
2017Handing-in and defense of the dissertation “Land, Gender and Commons: Collective Land Use Strategies of Pastoralists in Ethiopia and Germany”, magna cum laude, Free University Berlin

Icon PlusFurther Employment

2009 – 2011Freelance Research and Consultant on Ecology, Development and Gender – Issues, Berlin
  • Conception of THINK AHEAD conference: German development policy amidst conflicting priorities in tackling Global crises”, Development Policy Forum, Heinrich Böll Foundation
  • Consultant for Ecology Concept of the Robert Bosch United World College, German Foundation United World College
  • Moderation of presentations of feminist books at Leipziger Book Mess, e.g. for Author Maria Sveland for foundation Weiterdenken, Leipzig
2008 – 2009Head of Department for International Politics, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin
  • Coordination of all supra-regional programs related to issues of Globalisation / Triple Crises, Commons and Gender
  • Teamleader Department International Politics
  • Responsible for internal strategy-building and budget coordination (500,000 Euro department budget)
2007 – 2008Head of Department for Gender Democracy and Feminism, Gunda- Werner- Institut of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin
  • Conception and Implementation of events related to gender democracy with a specific focus on gender, peace and security matters
  • Highlight: Roadmap to 1325 – Project on Gender and Peace and Security Policy in the European Union
2006 – 2007Junior Project Manager at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) now GIZ
  • Project Management of the 10th German World Bank Forum and various other development-policy-events
2003 – 2006Group Leader of Mentoring and Mentor at Aimhigher, Mentoring, UK
  • Mentoring of high school students from less privileged families to help them access university, later supervision of mentors
2005Intern and then freelance assistant, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Belgrade, Serbia-Montenegro

Icon PlusPublications

2019“Land, Gender and Commons. Collective Land Use Strategies of Pastoralists in Ethiopia and Germany.” Forthcoming monograph based on PhD, in negotiation with Lexington books
“Gender, age and commons among the Nyangatom in Southern Ethiopia”, In: Land Tenure and Commodification, Edited by Britwum, Akua & Schultz, Ulrike, in negotiation with SAGE publishing
“Commons and feminist research: a disambiguation” In: Environment and Planning E, Special Issue, 'Commons, Commoning and Co-Becoming Edited by Singh, Neera; Garcia, Gustavo & Lang, Ursula, accepted
2018“Commoning und Wanderweidewirtschaft: Die Rechtler_innen im Oberallgäu”, Peripherie – Politik • Ökonomie • Kultur 150/151, Heft 2-2018  Jenseits des Entwicklungsdenkens (150/151)
“Making sense of past, present and future. Images of modern and past pastoralism among Nyangatom herders in South Omo, Ethiopia,  In: Land (2018) 7/2
2010Co-editing with Helfrich, Silke in the name of Heinrich Böll Foundation, Wem gehört die Welt?” Oekom Verlag
2009Editor in the name of the Heinrich Böll Fondation: Roadmap to 1325, Resolution for gender-sensitive peace and security politics, Barbara Budrichs Verlag

Icon PlusAcquiring of Non-Personal Grants

2016 – 2018Volkswagen Foundation Grant for three PhD Summer Schools in cooperation with University of Cape Coast, Ghana
2018Small grant to implement migration workshop project in Möckern from City Burg

Icon PlusLectures

2018“The Commons, Commoning and Co-becomings: Land, Care, and Commons” Panel at the AAG (American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting) in New Orleans, USA
“Land, nomadism and future forms of ownership”, Schwarzmarkt für nützliches Wissen und Nicht-Wissen, Staatstheater Braunschweig
2017“Commons-based land use of pastoralists in Ethiopia in the midst of land commodificationPanel at European Conference on African Studies, Basel, Switzerland
“Pastoralism and the Commons: a multidisciplinary approach”, Interdisciplinary Desert Conference, Oxford University
2016“Intercultural Relations in Friedensau”: Presentation of a larger qualitative study conducted as part of an endorsed diversity strategy for Friedensau Adventist University
2014“Pastoralism in Comparison”, New Generation University, Ethiopia, Diversity Day
2012Pastoralism and Natural Resource Use“ Technical University Berlin, Development Politics, with other SUNARPA members
2011“Pastoralist conflicts and civil peace building in South Ethiopia and bordering areas”, Berliner Afrikakreis, Afrikahaus
2010Power, Grant Writings and Movement Buildings: Contradictions from a women’s movement perspective” AWID International Forum on Women’s Rights, South Africa,
2009“Backgrounds and strategies for gender-sensitive peace and security politics”, Technical University Berlin, Development Politics Series XVII

Icon PlusSupervision of Master's theses

Since 2017, supervision of 6 Master's theses at Friedensau Adventist University, ongoing.

Icon PlusAcademic Memberships

2016     American Association of Geographers

Icon PlusCourses at FAU

SS 2018Global politics of mining and sustainability in M.A. International Social Sciences (Development Studies), Friedensau Adventist University
Development Industry and Legacy in M.A. International Social Sciences (Development Studies), Friedensau Adventist University
2018Introductory Module: PhD Summer School on Land, Place and Belonging, co-taught with Kwaku Arhin-Sam, University of Cape Coast, Ghana
SS 2017Lecture Series: Social Impacts of the Anthropocene; Friedensau Adventist University with geographers such as Silja Klepp and Festus Boamah
Intersectional perspectives on land use in M.A. International Social Sciences (Development Studies), Friedensau Adventist University
WS 2017Rhetoric and presentation skills in M.A. International Social Sciences (Development Studies), Friedensau Adventist University
2017Introductory Module: PhD Summer School on Mobile Livelihoods and Intersectional Perspectives with Kwaku Arhin-Sam, University of Cape Coast, Ghana
SS 2016Global Politics of Sustainability in M.A. International Social Sciences (Development Studies), Friedensau Adventist University
WS 2016Migration and Development, course in cooperation with Kino Burg and Polilux e.V.
WS 2016Imagining and Understanding the “Other”: Cooperation projects with a school close to FAU as part of Interkulturelle Woche Burg, Sachsen-Anhalt
2016Introductory Module: PhD Summer School on Intersectional & Feminist Perspectives on Land Commodification with Kwaku Arhin-Sam, University of Cape Coast, Ghana
SS 2015Land, Gender and Development in M.A. International Social Sciences (Development Studies), Friedensau Adventist University
WS 2012Gender und Ressourcenpolitik im B.A. Gender Studies, Zentrum für Transdisziplinäre Geschlechterstudien, co-taught with Julia Rometsch

Icon PlusVoluntary Engagement and Interests

Since 2001Oil Painting

  • Figurative oil painting, including numerous exhibitions such as at 24h Neukölln in Berlin
2016Teske – Schule Notunterkunft

  • Setting up a children's room at a Notunterkunft in Berlin for refugees and engaging in continuing personal relations
2007 – 2011Board of Trustees, OWEN e.V. – Mobile Academy for Peace and Gender Democracy, Berlin

  • Strategy building and quality control of a small NGO
  • Facilitation of numerous events
2008 – 2011Member of Steering Committee, German Women’s Security Council

  • Lobbying on the implementation of UN-Resolution 1325 “Women, Peace and Security”
  • Political education and campaigning, e.g. via lecture at Technical University on “Gender In Peace and Security Policy” February 2010
  • Participation in panels, e.g. “Women’s movements – where do we stand?“ City Council Bremen for Women’s Day 2009
2008 – 2011Founder temporarity

  • Founder of art and cultural space at Boddinstr. 42, Berlin

Icon PlusLanguages

GermanMother Tongue
ItalianIntermediate speaking, low writing skills
FrenchIntermediate speaking, low writing skills
Serbo-CroatianGood comprehension only
NyangatomBasic communication