Mourning for Gertrud Müller-Wittig

26. Feb. 2020

Friedensau Adventist University is mourning for Gertrud Müller-Wittig (May 8, 1930–February 18, 2020). From 1967 until the end of her professional life in 1990, she taught as a nurse in the fields of health education, sports, and English at Theological Seminary Friedensau. She continued her education in her wide-ranging personal fields of interest with great commitment, including studies at Newbold College in England.  Gertrud Müller-Wittig came from Leipzig to Friedensau, where she worked as a lecture assistant.  She gave lectures, seminars, and sermons; at the same time, she worked for the Red Cross for many years, led first aid courses, taught at URANIA and at the adult education center, and was, thus, well-known far beyond Friedensau.  Several awards, such as awards in bronze, silver, and gold from the German Red Cross, were given to her for her high commitment.  Above all, she will be remembered by many for her energy, great helpfulness, and sacrificial work.  She dared to take the step into marriage in her mid-70s and could be a loving companion for her now aged husband (98) for almost 18 years.

The funeral service for Gertrud Müller-Wittig will take place on February 27, 2020 at 11 am in the seniors’ residence in Friedensau (Ahornstraße 1), followed by the burial at the nearby cemetery.

Bild der THH Friedensau
© Tobias Koch | FAU