Public Lecture: »Inquiring colonial architectural heritage«

12. Oct. 2021

On October 11, 2021, visiting scholar Mafalda Pacheco (Ph.D.) gave a lecture "Exploring the Heritage of Colonial Architecture" for FAU staff and students. She will be staying as a visiting scholar at FAU's School of Social Work from September 27 to October 15, 2021.

Mafalda Pacheco is an architect and research fellow at the CHAM Center for the Humanities at FCSH-NOVA University in Lisbon, Portugal, and a postdoctoral researcher in the project "TechNetEMPIRE - Technoscientific networks in the construction of the built environment in the Portuguese empire (1647-1871)." Her stay at FAU is made possible through the COST Action "Decolonising Development: research, teaching and practice" (, which addresses the challenge of reconstructing the concept and practice of development after its deconstruction in a non-Eurocentric way.

Architecture affects people's daily lives. It represents a relationship between the state and its citizens, responding to both governmental strategies and people's needs. This talk addresses how colonial architectural heritage is perceived and contested by (former) colonized and (former) colonizers, historically and in postcolonial times. The lecture combines architectural history and critical (colonial) heritage research through case studies from the Portuguese past and present.

Bild der THH Friedensau
Colonial architecture still in use today. View of the main street of former workers’ houses in the Roça Água Izé cocoa plantation, in the island of São Tomé (Source: Mafalda Pacheco, 2020).