Week of Prayer started with “Identitetris – the building blocks of my I”

22. Mar. 2022

Yesterday evening, Monday 21 March 2022, marked the beginning of the 2022 Week of Prayer on the theme "Identitetris - the building blocks of my I". Theology Student Shawn Dullinger started with the first Tetris brick and the question "Where do I come from?" Using the Pauline story, he reflected on the importance of our personal past as part of our identity. The key messages of the evening were: We are rooted and yet free. Our past shapes us, but God gives us peace, even with what was. Our lives are not dominated by what we have experienced – Jesus opens up new perspectives for us.

On the second evening, Theology Student Itje Zepnik will trace the question: "To whom do I belong?" - 7.30 pm in the Barn Friedensau.

Admission is free (3 G rule).

Bild der THH Friedensau
The Speaker: Theology Student Shawn Dullinger