Church start-up after Covid-19

31. Mar. 2022

On 30 March 2022, the Arthur Daniell Institute for Missiology at Friedensau Adventist University invited participants to another ADIMIShare online event. The offer aimed to provide theoretical start-up support and to show how a new beginning can succeed: "Church start-up after Covid-19. Shaping congregational life in a future-oriented and crisis-proof way."

Dr. László Szabó and his team turned to the questions that pastors, church leaders and church councils face when it comes to church rebuilding after the pandemic: "The multifaceted challenges of the pandemic have put the churches to a real test. What have we learned from this and how can we make our post-pandemic congregations crisis-proof and future-oriented? In the ADIMIShare 'Community Reboot after Covid-19' we wanted to present experiences, research findings and possible new approaches to alternative community models."

One of the 30 or so participants, Pastor Benjamin Bleil, reports on his impressions: "I feel like a living part of the group. I especially like the entertaining and relational structure of the online meeting: two interesting, informative and practical congregational life supporting short impulses by László Szabó on the topic and the time for the exchange of thoughts in small groups and in the plenary. Many thanks for these interesting impulses and thoughts, especially from the participants in my small group. I can well imagine that leaders who are interested in the development of their congregations and the building of the Kingdom of God will gladly use this online offer in the future."

ADIMIShare is the title for a series of online events from Friedensau that offer the opportunity to discuss issues of congregational development together across national borders, exchange experiences, share with each other and experience community.

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