Book scholarships of the Förderverein presented

11. Aug. 2022

On behalf of the Friends of Friedensau International e.V., the Dean of the School of Theology, Alexander Schulze, Ph.D., presented two book scholarships on 8 August 2022. The scholarships, donated by the Friends of Friedensau International e.V., in the amount of 250.00 euros each, were awarded to Lisa-Marie Dillner and Wieland Gelke. Both are in their 2nd year of B.A. Theology. They are determinedly and successfully pursuing their study goals and are also involved in many ways outside of their compulsory duties for the university, the university community and the senior citizens' home.

The Friends of Friedensau International e.V. support students of Friedensau Adventist University, Friedensau and its people. It awards scholarships to students who have made an extraordinary academic, social or spiritual contribution and makes possible broad-based musical support, evangelistic internships as well as social and spiritual activities that would not be feasible without the support of the Friends.
Since the foundation of the Friends in 1990, more than 1.4 million euros in scholarships have been awarded. More than 1000 students have been supported. Between 1990 and 2005 alone, the association also supported building and renovation projects with around 500,000 euros. Interested?! New members are very welcome. Learn more and apply for membership.

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