Gospel Games in Friedensau

31. Oct. 2022

Who likes to play parlour games? And who wants to combine fun and games with the Bible, faith, the Gospel, with joy and friendships? He was there when the GospelGames were played on Reformation Day in Friedensau!

On Monday, October, 31, 2022, from 17.00 to 22.00, a games evening was held in the university library, which revolved around the Bible. From simple quartets to biblical puzzles and the 1000-piece puzzle "God's Library" to strategy games, everything was on offer. Children from the age of 10, young people and adults could take part. Participation was free of charge.

Pastor Johannes Fähndrich (Magdeburg), who is responsible for this evening and the compilation of the games, is himself one of the Christian game authors. He introduced the evening with a biblical-creative game. Afterwards, everyone could try out everything to their heart's content.

The schedule for the evening was as follows: 5.00 p.m. Introduction to the Christian board game community and the author community GospelGames. Introduction with the game "The Great Devotional Prize" - a competition game in two groups, including a biblical devotion | 17.30 hrs Presentation of eight different Christian games and a 1000-piece puzzle "God's Library" | From approx. 18.00 hrs there was the opportunity to try out all the games. | From about 8.30 p.m. a small group (up to five people) could try out the biblical role-playing game "The Guild of Time and Eternity", which is still in development.

More information about GospelGames can be found on the volunteer-run platform for reviews of Christian games and a network for Christian game fans, which also includes Christian game designers: www.GospelGames.de.

The venue for the GospelGames on Reformation Day 2022 was the library of the Friedensau Adventist University, Ahornstraße 3, in 39291 Friedensau. Exhibitions, readings, lectures and other events connected with the medium of books take place here at intervals. The modern building, which is a striking feature of Friedensau, houses a diverse range of over 150,000 media, including academic monographs and journals, sheet music and songbooks, music and films, entertainment literature and books for children and young people. The physical stock is increased by the possible access to online databases and electronic journals. The library can be used by anyone; a valid reader's card is required.

Bild der THH Friedensau
Gospel Games in Friedensau
Photo: FAU | Raul Cervantes